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Raphael Hillebrand

Gepostet am Jan 24, 2012 in About

Born in Hong Kong, raised in Berlin, educated through Hip-Hop Raphael Hillebrand uses his multicultural background to create his own vision of self-expression.
1997 Raphael Hillebrand began as a b-boy at jams and competitions in Berlin, Germany. As a former member of 5-Amox and B-Town Allstars he won several championships such as the national Battle of the Year 2006 and the 2vs2 at the IBE in Rotterdam. Niels “Storm” Robitzky introduced him to the world of theater, at first as a dancer than as a choreographer. He combines his technique of breakin’ and poppin’ with a distinctive use of shadows and masks, which we have seen in his choreographies “Together Alone” and “Nhieu mat„.
As a member of the legendary Battle Squad and Animatronik he is an passionate member of the Hip-Hop community.

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